Young Writers


Antioch Writers' Workshop offers an opportunity for Young Writers (those entering tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade in fall, 2014, or ages 15-18) to attend the Full Week program July 12-18, 2014. This opportunity is open only to Young Writers who live in the Ohio counties of Greene, Montgomery, Miami, Clark, Clinton, Fayette, Madison and Warren.

These Young Writers will:

Attend Morning Classes with all Antioch Writers' Workshop participants.

Attend the Young Writers’ Afternoon Seminar, led by Mike Mullin, author of Ashfall among other Young Adult novels. (Please see Factuly Bio page for more information about Mike.).

Have lunch between the classes and seminar together, with Young Writers' instructor and with one other Antioch Writers' Workshop faculty member, giving Young Writers a chance to chat with and ask questions of the other Antioch Writers' Workshop faculty members.

    Please note: ALL Young Writers classes are held at Antioch University Midwest. All Young

    Writers participants must remain on the Antioch University Midwest campus from the

    beginning of Morning Classes, through lunch, and the end of the Afternoon Seminar.

Participation is limited to 12 students. Antioch Writers' Workshop is providing a Young Writers’ Scholarship to each of the 12 selected students, which:

► Reduces the regular local registration/tuition fee from $675.00 to $300.00. (A reduction of $375.00)

► Covers instruction from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

► Includes lunches held at Antioch University Midwest, at no additional expense. To be considered for this unique opportunity, students must apply by May 20, 2014, by submitting the following:

► A cover letter stating age, school attended, and reason for wishing to attend Antioch Writers' Workshop. Be sure to provide email, phone and home address contact information.

► A three page sample of writing of poetry, fiction, or non-fiction. (Poems must be complete and fit on all three pages; single or double-spaced. Fiction or non-fiction must be double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point, and may either be complete or an extract from a fuller work. Please number pages and include name and contact information in the top header of each page.)

► A one page letter of recommendation from a teacher of English, journalism or drama. (If home-schooled, please provide a letter of recommendation from a camp leader, preferably in the arts, or from another non-related adult, such as a music teacher or librarian.)

These materials may be e-mailed to as a PDF or WORD (.doc) file, with Young Writers in the Subject line or mailed to Antioch Writers Workshop, c/o Antioch University Midwest, 900 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387.

Students accepted into this program will be notified shortly after May 20, 2014. To retain place in the program, the Director must receive by June 20, 2014:

► Full payment of $300.00

► A medical/liability release form and permission to attend form, both signed by student’s parent or legal guardian.

► Manuscript extract, between 10-20 double-spaced pages, of fiction or non-fiction, or 10 single spaced pages of poetry, for workshopping in the Young Writers afternoon seminar.