1. Where can I stay if I’m coming in from out of town?

Fees for our programs (with the exception of the Fall Retreats) do NOT include lodging. Participants are expected to arrange and pay for their own accommodations (again, with the exception of the Fall Retreats.) Two good websites for finding lodging: Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce website: www.yellowspringsohio.org or the Stay Yellow Springs website: www.stayyellowsprings.com

2. Where do Antioch Writers' Workshop events take place?

Sunday Free Writers' Seminars are held at Books & Co. at The Greene, Beavercreek, Ohio. The Fall Retreats are at Grailville in Loveland, Ohio. The Spring one-day seminar and all Summer Programs are at Antioch University Midwest, 900 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

3. Tips for me if I'm flying in?

Dayton International Airport is the closest to Yellow Springs: www.flydayton.com At Dayton International, you can rent a car to drive to Yellow Springs, or arrange for a taxi service. (Click on the Airline Information tab, and then the Ground Transportation tab for more information.) Antioch Writers' Workshop does not directly provide transportation to/from airports; feel free to use our Facebook page to coordinate ride sharing with fellow participants.

4. Tell me more about Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The charming village offers unique lodging, restaurants, shopping, and nature preserves. Particularly during our Annual Summer Programs, you'll have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of all the village has to offer. The village’s chamber of commerce web site offers full details.

5. What are the registration deadlines for the various programs?

No registration deadlines for Sunday Free Writers' Seminars; just come as you are--well, bring note-taking materials and lots of questions and perhaps a writing friend! Deadlines to register for other programs are on each program's specific page.

6. Explain the nonrefundable registration fee?

No fees whatsoever for the Sunday Mini-Seminars. However, a $125.00 nonrefundable registration fee applies to the Summer Full Week Experience, Summer Morning Classes Only A La Carte Option, and Summer Afternoon Only A La Carte Option. A portion of fee for the Spring Seminar, Summer Saturday Seminar A La Carte Option and other programs is considered a nonrefundable registration fee. We're not trying to be mean, we promise. After all, WE HAVE NOT RAISED FEES SINCE 2005! We provide top-notch programming at a comparatively very affordable price compared to other similar programs. (We've researched this, actually...) And we provide many options to fit all budgets, schedules and needs. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible! However, our fees do NOT cover all the costs associated with our programming, paying instructors, providing supplies, securing meeting space, offering scholarships, and on and on. We also rely on grants, fundraising efforts, and donations. The nonrefundable registration fees (which are standard operating procedure for most arts organizations presenting workshops) covers processing of registrations, materials created for the participant, and holding participant's slot and mitigates loss of income from turning away other participants. If we didn't secure a nonrefundable registration fee for our larger programs, we'd have to (gulp!) raise tuition, and that's something we're hoping to put off as long as is reasonable.

7. What are your refund/cancellation policies?

As explained above, registration fees are NOT refundable. However, depending on circumstances and timing, all or a portion of tuition fees MAY be refundable; see specific program pages and/or registration forms/links for details.

8. I've published a book (either through a traditional publisher or through self-publishing) and will be attending one of your programs. May I have my book for sale at your program.

Sorry, no. Having books for sale is a perk we reserve ONLY for our instructors as part of their compensation.

9. I've been to other workshops, and would love to recommend some great instructors. May I do that?

Why, yes! Please do! Just email the name and a website link to info@antiochwritersworkshop.com. This information will be passed on to the Faculty Committee, which makes all solicitations and final decisions about faculty. The committee members are happy to consider suggestions, though considering is not, of course, a guarantee of selection.

10. I would like to study playwrighting or screenplay/script writing. Will you offer sessions in these genres?

Sorry, no. But we're glad you asked, because WE also like plays and film! (Our focus, though, remains on fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.) However, if you're in the Dayton area (or beyond!) we can strongly recommend our friends at FilmDayton for screenplay/script writing, www.filmdayton.com, and our friends at Ohio Playwrights Circle at http://ohioplaywrightscircle.wordpress.com/